Tyler Game mode

Tyler has three different game modes: Single Player, Multiplayer Competitive 1vs1, 2vs2 multiplayer cooperative teams.

Single Player

The single player mode consists of 85 puzzles of increasing difficulty divided into 4 patterns of play for each of the four elements (Worlds) Earth, Water, Wind, Fire. This combination is repeated for all the matrices of the grids 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8, thus composing the 80 boards. Plus you will have the last 5 patterns of the Dark World, those are the final levels of the game. The first World is Earth and this is the tutorial level. In this level you will be able to learn the main dynamics of the game, such as: how to draw flows, take the items, get the key, etc. The first four levels consist of 5x5 grid puzzles.

You will need to solve all the puzzles in the “Earth” World in order to move to the next levels: Water, Wind and Fire with increasing difficulties.

It could be possible, that some part of the ground appears sunk (reduce the floor area) increasing the diffculty of Tyler's movement and the risk of falling and dying. If the event Death occurs, it will gives a "penaty" n the final score along with a loss of precious time.

The game ends when Tyler has completed all the schemes and has finally freed Clarence, his little dog, locked up in a cage.

Competitive multiplayer 1v1

Competitive 1vs1 Multiplayer mode is played on split screen where players must complete schemes as fast as possible depending on the number of rounds. The winner will be the player who completes the grid first.

1vs1 game can be single match or composed by 3 or 5 rounds, in order to give all the players the opportunity to play the playoff. A player who completes the half plus one of the number of rounds wins the game.

(i.e. If the game consists of 5 rounds, the winner is the one who will have completed 3 rounds).

At the end of a game, players can see the ranking of victories. Match results will be accumulated on the list as long as the Multiplayer mode is in progress.

There are two ways to choose the games in Multiplayer:

• Quick Match: the CPU will automatically and completely at random choose the World and the rule sets from a pre-set group of options. Quick Matches can only be played on grids of size 7x7 or 8x8 with a minimum of 3 Rounds.

• Choose Match: the user will be able to load a configuration created inside the Editor. Build your own grid, placing all the elements on the field, and select the round to create a game. See page "Editor" to learn how to create the puzzles!

Cooperative Multiplayer Team 2vs2

Cooperative Multiplayer Mode 2vs2 team is based on a sequence of games on a split screen by 4. At the beginning of the game, players will build up their own teams (Red or Blue). Those teams cannot be changed as long as the Mode 2vs2 is activated.

The two players of the same team will have to complete the sequence of patterns in the shortest possible time. A team wins the game when both players have completed schemes.

The two players of the same team will have to complete the sequence of patterns in the shortest time possible. The winning team is the one where both players have completed the schemes.Be careful in this mode, because Weapons and Gadgets are distributed randomly and fairly among members of the same team. Players on the same team will have to help each other in order to destroy obstacles on the grid.

Example. If the user 1 of the Red Team has the weapon that destroys a specific type of obstacle, he will be the only one able to clean the boxes where these obstacles appeared, in order to color them or allow his teammates to do it.

Tyler Game Guide

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