Multiplayer items

In Multiplayer mode (both 1vs1 and 2vs2), all weapons are available from the beginning of the game. The availability of the gadgets depends on the configuration of the grid.

If you choose the Quick Match some gadgets appear randomly; if you create a grid by the Editor, you can choose the gadgets you want to be available on that game. The teleport automatically appears in the 8x8 grids.

The behavior of the gadgets in Multiplayer have some differences with the Single Player:

When a gadget is completely discharged, it does not recharge automatically, but you need to collect AMMO spawned randomly on the grid. Caution: AMMO recharged only gadgets fully discharged

In Multiplayer cooperative (2vs2),the Weapons and Gadgets are randomly distributed among the players of the same team, forcing all of them to cooperate in order to complete the schemes and win the game.

Gadget disorder: In both Multiplayer modes, the use of various gadgets could annoy the opponent and make life a bit more difficult. Here is a list of the gadgets disorder.

  • Detonator By using the Detonator during a Multiplayer game, you can neutralize all the bombs spawned on your grid, but in the meantime you can explode some bombs on your opponent's grid. To recharge the Detonator you need Ammo. Caution: bombs on opponent's grid will explode only if he also has the detonator.
  • Time Warp The Time Warp slows time and allows you to act quicker; at the same time, however, it slows your opponent's movements for some seconds (in cooperative mode, only the opponent that owns the Time Warp will suffer the penalty).
  • Filler Filler will change temporarily the color of all flows on your opponent's grid.
  • Magnet Anvils appear on the grid especially if you chose the Quick Match. You must use the magnet in order to neutralize them. In multiplayer mode, the anvils you destroyed can appear on your opponent's grid.
  • Combo Bomb X3 By performing a 3x combo, destroying three bombs, many more bombs will appear on the grid of the opponent.

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