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(Image of the inventory)

The inventory is shown at the bottom of the screen and it is always active. Here you can find all Weapons and Gadgets you collected in the game. By moving the levers up and down on the the controller and the arrows eys UP and DOWN on the keyboard, you can highlight and select the Weapon or the Gadgets you need; with the levers L and R buttons and arrows right and left, you can choose the weapon or the gadget. On the left of the Inventory you can visualize the active objects

N.B. The weapons do not need to be recharged as they have perpetual charge; Gadgets, instead, need time to be recharged.

The Worlds

Tyler must complete the puzzle set in the four Worlds dedicated to the Four Elements of Nature, Earth, Water, Wind, Fire. Each world has its difficulties and its specific obstacles. In every level, obstacles will be diversified and Tyler will need to use multiple weapons to destroy them all.

Tyler's adventure begins in the World Earth, where the vegetation elements are predominant, but do not let yourself be enchanted by the relaxing environment because the Earth always presents some danger. After this World there will be the World Water, much cooler with its blocks of ice to block your way to go. Then there will be the World Wind, where the grids will be suspended above a cloud. From the highest point you will reach the lowest one, in the depths of World Fire, where those who were rivers of water become pools of hot lava and rocks become incandescent.

Once you pass the Four Worlds, Tyler will reach a deeper point, a place suspended in time, the Dark World where you must complete the 5 final schemes.


The final score is calculated as follows:

• Total Time: time taken to complete one level (five schemes in the same World). The shorter the time used and the greater the quantity of points you have obtained.

• "First Hit" bonus: streams closed correctly at the first attempt.

• Next Tries: flows properly closed in more than one attempt.

• Bombs: Bombs destroyed (including bombs destroyed by the Detonator).

• X2 Combo: two bombs destroyed in one shot.

• X3 Combo: three bombs destroyed in one shot.

• Single: Single bombs destroyed

• Obstacles: Obstacles destroyed

• Death (penalty): how many times you're dead

• Exploded Bombs (malus): number of exploded bombs

Score Multiplayer

The rating for the Multiplayer 1vs1 and 2vs2 is shown in the list of victories that appears at the end of each game.

Extra Time

The Extra Time is the total time accumulated in the level, available for completing the final levels of the Dark World. The Extra Time is calculated on the basis of all the results obtained during the game.

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