How to play:

The game consists of a sequence of puzzles of increasing difficulty; to complete them you will need to find the right path to the colorful stream combining the extremes marked on the ground. The first schemes to solve are on 5x5 grids, namely a square composed by 5 cells per side. Completing Grids unlock 5x5 and 6x6 Grids, difficulties increased, up to the Worlds 8x8 and 4 final levels in the Dark World.

How it looks

The game begins in a paved arena with some colored circles. These circles are the extremities of the flows that you must create. Moving Tyler from one circle to another, meanwhile you hold down the Action key (see Controls), you will be able to draw lines on the various blocks of the grid and create a puzzle. If you color the correct flow, it will rise and, if you did it right the first time, you will earn extra points. The flows are raised at different heights forming a path that has to be climbed in order to reach the key and jump to the next flow. Warning: the key will appear only when all streams have been raised.

Tyler videogame gameplay

The difficulty of the puzzle is not only due to the number of streams that have to be completed and the grid getting bigger but also from various events that take place in the arena. In the game area, in fact, there will appear some obstacles (see Obstacles) and they will try to prevent you from completing the pattern. Destroy these obstacles in order to speed up the completion of the grid. Tyler can have and use different weapons and different gadgets (see Items). The hand weapon is always available during every scheme; gadgets and weapons will be collected throughout the game and will remain in the inventory.

All levels can be completed without a time limit except the levels in the Dark World. The time limit to complete this level is due to the final count of the results obtained during the game. The better your performance has been in order to complete the puzzles, the more time you will have for the Dark World.

Reading the HUD (Head Up Display)

The game starts automatically with the Tutorial Mode On in order to display some tutor popups while playing. You can disable this feature by setting Off the Tutorial inside the Pause Menu or just press the SELECT button on your controller.

Tyler Game Guide

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