How to use Tyler videogame editor

The Editor is the tool that allows a user to create a game for the Multiplayer mode by configuring all the elements of the game. You can create the path of the flows and determine the height, generate the sequence of the match, place obstacles and levers and make available gadgets. In short, everything you need to build a puzzle of Tyler in no time!

Warning: not all items are present and selectable in the editor, some will be available automatically depending on the configuration the user has created. Eg. Gadget Spawn will be automatically available if the user places a lever on the grid. Or the Telerport Gadgets will be available if the user creates a match based on a 8x8 grid.

Quick guide to creating a Multiplayer Game Tyler.

• Step 1: CREATE

Login Editor from the main menu of the game. The first icon you can see on the left of the board, is a the CREATE tool. You can choose the size of the grid (5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8) that appears instantly on the screen ready to be configured.

• Step 2: DRAW

Selecting the Draw button you can choose between the options RANDOMIZE, to quickly create a combination of cash, or the option FREEHAND, to draw manually choosing favorite colors. DRAW button is located above the ERASE button to completely delete one or more streams drawn.

• Step 3: SET UP

This is the most important step because, now, you set the gameplay by deciding all the events that happen during the game. First of all you must put the key on the grid; the chosen flow will be automatically set to the maximum height available. As a second step, you have to set the heights of the remaining flows; be careful to create a  good combination of flows path that will have to lead Tyler to the Key.

Now you can place your favorite Gadgets: Time Warp, Filler, Detonator, Magnet, Jetpack, which automatically become available from the beginning of the game.

You can also place obstacles on the grid wherever you want or, if you want to do it faster, you can use the tool Randomize Obstacles, deciding the density of objects that will be generated.

Then you can place the levers. Once you place a lever, you can choose which and how many flows, a lever must rise. The chosen flows will appear sunken at the beginning of the game.

You can place the levers everywhere, even hidden into an obstacle.

Note: The ground will appear uniform if there is no leverage.

Finally you can decide what type of bombs must appear during the game, in addition to the low power that is generated by default: MID, HIGH or DESTRUCTION. Note: if you want to make the anvils appear, select the gadget Magnet.

• Step 4: Rounds

You can create three kind of games: single match game, three rounds game and five rounds game. You must configurate every grid of all matches you choose. By default, any match has only one round. You can save the game only if after you have customized all the grids selected.

• Load a Game

Once setup is complete, and making sure that everything is in its place, you can save your game and then reload it in Multiplayer selecting "Choose Match". If you want to change a game or a single grid, you can load the saved file directly in the editor to open the old configuration and save a new one.

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