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Tyler the Videogame.Now available on Steam PC

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Help TYLER release Clarence, his cuuute puppy!

Tyler must solve 80 puzzles through 16 different Worlds, destroying obstacles such as Rocks, Barrels, Flames, Ice Blocks, Bombs and Shooting Cannons. Choose the right Gadget or Weapon!

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  • Elemental Puzzles

    The Elements of Nature will increase the difficulty of the puzzles
    Tyler will travel through Earth, Water, Wind and Fire Worlds until the last mysterious Dark World.
    Each World has its specify obstacle but you will collect all the weapons you need in order to crash'em all an solve the puzzles
    Don't forget to use the gadgets that Tyler will find all the way long
  • Bombs, Levers and Obstacles

    More powerful bombs and deep chasms
    The more you go through the worlds, the more you find objects you need to break obstacles. But BE CAREFUL! You can find some dangerous abysses and if you slip into them, you can die!
    Try to reach the levers in order to rise the sunk flows.
    And hurry up breaking bombs before they explode! The explosion will reset the flows you have coloured...
  • Multiplayer and Editor

    Your practice time it's over! Now it's time to challenge your friends!
    Tyler has two Multiplayer Patches: 1vs1 and cooperative 2vs2.
    Choose a World in which you want to play and start a New Multiplayer Game! You can play all matches you want into a single Game.
    You can select preset grids or you can use the EDITOR in order to create your own grid very very quickly. Use your creativity to draw the craziest puzzle!
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Tyler Gadgets



Effect: Bombs Destruction

Recharge Time: 20 sec.

Drop: inside a Crate

The Detonator allows you to destroy all the bombs on the grid in one shot. It is a very useful gadget, especially in more advanced levels, to avoid losing too much time to destroy the bombs.


Effect: Activate levers on areas not directly accessible from Tyler

Recharge Time: 10 sec.

Drop: inside a Crate

The Spawn duplicates Tyler projecting him on either end of the visible flow. This gadget is very useful as it allows you to activate the levers at points which are difficult, if not impossible, to reach directly. The Spawn can go through obstacles and bombs without suffering damage and its duration it is relative to the time in which it is used, so the longer it takes to move the Spawn, the more this will loose charge. Warning: when the Spawn is in action, Tyler remains vulnerable to the cannon shots; if it were to be struck, in fact, die temporarily and the gadget will be disabled.

Time Warp

Effect: Slow down time for 10 sec

Recharge Time: 10 sec.

Drop: inside a Crate

The Time Warp has the power to slow down time and the timer of the bomb, but not the user's movements. The time factor is very important in Tyler because it is helpful to get points for the Extra Time.


Effect: Paint an entire stream at once

Recharge Time: 60 sec.

Drop: inside a Crate

If you are unable to understand the correct way to complete a flow, you can color it using the Filler. Just place Tyler on one end of the flow that you want to complete and the gadget will do its job properly coloring the flow in one shot. Attention: closing a flow with Filler not earn the extra Coins.


Effect: Destroys Anvils

Recharge Time: 10 sec.

Drop: inside a Crate

The magnet is the only Gadget that Tyler can use to eliminate the anvils appeared on the grid. Just select it from the inventory and place near Tyler anvil pushing it into the barrier to attract it.

Teleport (available only for 8x8 grid)

Effect: Teleports Tyler

Recharge Time: 10 sec.

Drop: inside a Crate

Teleport has the function to move Tyler from the point where is located at one of the corners of the grid. Teleport is a very useful gadget in the 8x8 grid since the walkway outside the grid is drastically limited and will be easy to get stuck. It might still be useful to reach very quickly a distant area; unlike the Spawn, the Teleport carries physically Tyler making it immediately effective in the new location.


Effect: Raises Tyler

Recharge Time: 10 sec.

Drop: inside a Crate

The Jetpack is the ultimate gadget to move fast and freely on the grid. This gadget raises Tyler and makes him fluctuate over chasms and flows raised.


Effect: Defends Tyler

Recharge Time: 10 sec.

Drop: Random on  the grid

Use the Shield to repair Tyler from the cannon shots. This gadget is not stored in your inventory so you will have to collect it at every new level. Its charge appears at the bottom right of the screen (see "Reading The HUD").

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